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We recently had a situation as a family where our elderly Mom got sick, and we were faced with the dilema about how best to care for her.  Did she need 24 hour care?  Did she need to move in with one of us?  Did she need just a helping hand?

It is a dilemma that many of us face as not only our parents but each of us age and have to face the prospect of one day not being able to manage all the tasks that we previously took for granted.

As it happened my Mother was able to go back into her own home and with support from both ourselves and the community she is coping so well so far.  It did give us food for thought though and we also researched what sort of help is out there for anyone facing the same situation.

There is of course long term care and also convelescent care for someone recovering from an illness or operation and who needs extra help.  On top of that there is community care helpers who will visit the person in their home and help with cooking, cleaning, personal and medical tasks to enable to patient to stay at home instead of being in a care facility.

There are personal aids for the patient too.  Mobility aids such as walkers and wheelchairs, many of which are subsidised.  You can get Mobility stickers your vehicle or for a family member who takes you around.  Special seats that fit into the bath tub so that bathing is easier and carrys less risk of a fall.  The occupational health workers will also visit and work with the patient and families to identify areas that need improvement to make the home safe for the person to remain there.

So if you, or anyone you know needs this kind of help then don't despair, there are many oganisations out there ready and willing to help your loved one remain at home longer and enjoy the comfort and quality of their own surroundings.




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