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West Royalty

PEI real estate - West Royalty is a neighbourhood of the city of Charlottetown in central Queens County, Prince Edward Island, Canada. West Royalty borders Spring Park, Sherwood and Winsloe. West Royalty's Western boundary is defined by the North (Yorke) River which separates Charlottetown from the town of Cornwall. Its northwestern boundary is shared with the adjacent village of Miltonvale Park.

West Royalty was the location for the West Royalty Business Park in the 1970's which brought with it major employment. The majority of it's residential growth came between the 1970's and 1990's with the development of several residential subdivisions:

  • Orchard Hill subdivision
  • Lewis Point Park subdivision
  • Beach Grove subdivision
  • Grace Baptist subdivision
  • Gates subdivision
  • Bell Heights subdivision
  • Richmond Hill subdivision
  • Park West subdivision
  • Upton Park subdivision
  • Sandlewood Park subdivision

West Royalty continues to expand with more residential development. The subdivisions of West Royalty are very popular for young families. The subdivisions tend to be very well kept and for people looking to buy in the area, many of the area properties now have extensive landscaping and mature trees. West Royalty has it's own elementary school, West Royalty Elementary which teaches children from kindergarten through to grade six.

West Royalty Elementary School

During the 1970's, the Charlottetown Mall was established making West Royalty the primary retail centre. Since that time, it has become the site of many big box stores, including Sears, Bed Bath and Beyond, Wal-Mart, Home Depot and many more.

Charlottetown Mall



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