BOUNCE is NOT just for your LAUNDRY!!!

Here are 10 great ways you can use BOUNCE dryer sheets to enhance your day to day living!!!

1.  Eliminate static electricity from your television!  Since BOUNCE is designed to eliminate static cling, you can wipe your television screen with a used sheet of BOUNCE to eliminate static and stop dust from resettling!

2.  Freshen the surroundings!  Place a new sheet of BOUNCE in a drawer or hang one in your closet to release a fresh scent all day long!

3.  Put a sheet of BOUNCE in your vacuum cleaner bag!  It will stop the static surrounding your vacuum as you work and provide a light scent while the machine is on!

4.  Prevent thread from tangling!  Take your needle and run it through a sheet of BOUNCE before you thread it and it will prevent your thread from tangling while you sew!

5.  Place a sheet of BOUNCE under the seat of your car for all day freshness in your automobile!

6.  Prevent musty suitcases!  Place a sheet of BOUNCE inside your empty suitcases while they are stored and the next time you need them they will smell fresh!

7.  BOUNCE repels mosquitos! That's right!  Tie a sheet of BOUNCE through your belt loop and it will help repel mosquitos!

8.  Golfers put a sheet of BOUNCE in their back pocket to keep bees away!

9.  Wipe up Sawdust!  A used sheet of BOUNCE will work like a tack cloth when cleaning up sawdust from drilling or sanding!

10.  BOUNCE repels MICE!  Place a sheet of BOUNCE near the entryway of the foundation, or in trailers or cars that are parked and it will keep mice from entering!

There you have it!  10 great ways to use BOUNCE dryer sheets to enhance your daily life....and all this time you were just throwing in the dryer!!

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