Concerned About Aluminum Wiring?

Aluminum wiring was used for a good number of years when the construction boom had slowed down and the cost of aluminum as compared to copper was less expensive for the builders.

Today you may find that some insurance companies are not willing to insure a home that has aluminum wiring unless an ESA Certificate is provided. (Electrical Safety Authority).

The truth about aluminum wiring is quite simply that if installed correctly, it is just as efficient as the copper wiring found in newer homes.  The concern comes in aluminum wiring that has been mixed with copper incorrectly, or where "home renovators" have had their hands in the mix and have incorrectly installed electrical components.

A local home inspector recently provided me with his newsletter which clearly states this information as well as provides links to the ESA and their requirements for inspection.  Visit and click on "My Blog" to see what he has to say!

There is nothing to fear when it comes to aluminum wiring, and if in doubt you can have an inspection done which will outline any repairs that may be necessary through the ESA.

Don't shy away from a great home because of aluminum wiring!  If you are selling a home that has aluminum wiring, or a mix of aluminum and copper it's a great idea to have the ESA performed ahead of time and be able to provide it upfront to any potential buyers!

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