Is Your Lawn Suffering?

 I know my lawn is definitely suffering in this excessively dry, hot weather we have been experiencing!  I'm not complaining about the beautiful summer weather but it can be a challenge to keep your lawn and gardens green and blooming when there's no rain in sight!  Flowerbeds that are shaded have a bit of an advantage, however those areas of our lawns that are right out in the direct sun are turning brown and dying off!  Water is to be used sensibly, we must conserve, so if you are going to water your lawns and gardens the best time to do it is after the sun has gone down.  I water my lawn around 9 p.m. when it has cooled off and there is no direct sun to immediately evaporate any nourishing water my lawn may get.  This way the water has a chance to actually absorb and my lawns and gardens have a chance at getting some of that nourishment to stay healthy and alive.  Don't water in the middle of the afternoon, the water will evaporate before it even gets to the soil!!!  Remember we do need to conserve our water supply, so by watering in the evening you will need less to feed your lawns and gardens, and they will have a better chance of absorbing it!!!  Best of luck.  If you have any tips or tricks you'd like to share please email or call me!!!

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