Is Your Listing Ready For That All Important Home Inspection?

You've listed your home for sale with your Century 21 agent, they've had several people through the property and you've got an offer!!!!  The Buyer wants to do a home inspection which is very common in today's marketplace, and usually recommended to Buyer's!  Is your home ready for this inspection?  Are there little things that the inspector will find that could trouble the Buyer??  Here are 10 Quick Fixes to prepare your home for inspection.  These are common items that are easily remedied by a Seller, without a huge financial outlay but more so just a bit of your time!

1.  Change your furnace filter and vacuum out any cobwebs. 

2.  Clean your gas fireplaces and vacuum underneath to remove cobwebs and dust.

3.  Repair or replace any missing or worn caulking around tubs and sinks.

4.   Ensure dryer vents are metal flex (not vinyl as these are not heat rated for dryers).

5.  Ensure all light switches and receptacles have proper covers on them.

6.  Replace any old or damaged smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.  In addition make sure that your home is up to code by having these on each level of the home.  An inspector will look for this.

7.  Have any rental information for water heaters, alarm systems and so forth available on a table or near the item for Buyer review.

8.  Ensure access is available to electrical panel.

9.  Ensure access is available to attic hatch.

10.  Ensure access is available to garage.

These 10 items will not only remove some of the smaller things that an inspector will note in his report, but show the buyers that you care for your home, making them feel more at ease, and that you intend for them to have a positive experience during the inspection.

Have more questions about home inspections?  Contact your Century 21 agent for a referral to a trusted Professional Home Inspector in your area!

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