Seasonal Maintenance Inspections are Important To The Health of Your Home!

You may be asking yourself "what is a seasonal maintenance inspection?" Well let me tell you!  Your home experiences a number of changes over the winter months, as well as some damage that may go unnoticed until next winter!  A Seasonal Maintenance Inspection is performed by a licensed Home Inspector who will review the home in detail, particularly the exterior, entrances, roof and eaves, foundation and even your furnace filter.  Your full written report will ensure that you know exactly where your home stands and if you will  need to make some repairs or improvements before the next winter season is upon us!  Having this inspection done in the early spring months ensures that you have the entire summer to get out there and work on these items during the nicer weather, and avoid having to rush out and fix something when it's subzero!

Your Home Inspector will explain in detail the condition of the different systems of your home, make recommendations for repairs and upkeep, as well as let you know where your home receives an A+!!

Your realtor can recommend a great home inspector to perform this inspection for you, peace of mind is just a phone call away!

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  1. Air conditioning Ottawa 06/28/2012 at 4:25 AM

    please post more details .. thanks...

    A seasonal home maintenance inspection is designed to inspect only those areas directly affected by the winter season, so that you can see how the season has affected your home and make any necessary repairs, or prior to the winter season to prepare you for the upcoming cold, windy weather.

    An inspector will look at the roof, eaves, foundation, furnace and air conditioner and in some cases your windows.  Are these items in good repair, do they require attention, have you changed your furnace filter, is your air conditioner showing signs of trouble ahead.  This is unlike a normal home inspection where an inspector will investigate all systems including your electrical, plumbing, interior and so forth.

    I hope this helps.  Not all home inspectors do this type of inspection so call around to find one who does!

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