Snow Removal: Homeowners are Responsible!!!!!

Every municipality has it's own set of snow removal by-laws.  As a homeowner, you have certain responsibilities when it comes to removing the snow from sidewalks and right-of-ways!!!  In addition there are parking restrictions during winter months which are put in place to ensure that you are not slowing down the City's snow removal process when it comes to plows and so on!  Check with your own municipality to see what your responsibilities are and be a good neighbour!!!!

Below I have attached the information presented by the City of Oshawa, most municipalities and cities will have similar by-laws.  But these will give you an idea, if you do not live in Oshawa check with your own by-laws.

NEW Snow & Ice Removal By-Law

For your safety and the safety of others, the City of Oshawa has a NEW Snow and Ice By-Law which outlines responsibilities of property owners. All property owners must remove snow and ice from municipal sidewalks adjacent to their property by midnight of the first day after the snow has ended.

Tips:   Property owners must ensure that entire sidewalk width is cleared.

Clear all ridges of snow, left by snowplows, between the edge of sidewalk and the road.

Don’t wait for the snow to pile up. There is no minimum depth of snow required before you start clearing. The sooner you can clear, the easier it is for all members of the community to travel.

Ensure your sidewalk is not slippery after you clear the snow. If required, use sand and/or salt.

Residential owners and occupants may obtain small amounts of winter sand for sidewalks from the City staff parking lot at Ritson Yard Depot located on the south side of Wolfe Street, west of Ritson Road South.

Snow plow operators cannot avoid leaving ridges of snow (windrows) at the foot of driveways. Residents and business owners are responsible for clearing the windrow from their own driveways and entrances.

Shovelling snow back onto the street creates unsafe road conditions for motorists and is prohibited by the Highway Traffic Act.

Parking Rules (By-law 79-99)

The City needs your assistance to ensure efficient snow clearing on your street.

TipsOn-street parking is limited to a maximum of 3 hours, unless signed otherwise.

Parking is not permitted on City streets between the hours of 3:00 am and 6:00 am, between December 1 and April 1.

Be mindful of snow clearing operations. Vehicles parked in a manner which presents an obstacle to snow clearing operations may be tagged and/or towed.

Help your community by clearing the way!


Clearing the entire sidewalk will allow for pedestrians, strollers, walkers,

and wheelchairs to pass freely.


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