Window Cleaning 101

Clean windows can dramatically change the way your home looks and feels!  Realtors know this and it is one of the top suggestions (next to paint) that we offer sellers to improve the first impression of their home!

Here are a few tips to make window cleaning a breeze!

1.  Wash windows on a cloudy day.  Direct sunlight dries the cleaning solution before the glass can be properly polished!

2.  Crumpled newspaper is an inexpensive and easily available medium that works really well to polish windows clean, absorb any leftover residue and the ink leaves an invisible film that resists dust and dirt!

3.  Always start from the top to prevent drips!

4.  Work each side of the window (inside/outside) in a different direction!  This way if you do happen to leave any streaks you will immediately know which side you need to do over just by the direction!

Follow these tips and you'll have your windows sparkling clean and clear in no time!

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