Beautiful Weather/Projected Mortgage Rates/Best Seasonal Buys

With the beautiful weather we have been having I have been reflecting upon what this means to Real Estate industry. In Winnipeg, I believe this will expand the opportunity for the sale of homes outside "the Peak" season. Naturally Spring is always the busiest just due to the fact that everyone is coming out of hibernation and NOBODY wants to move their entire home in the middle of a Manitoba blizzard! But with the unusually warm weather, and more so due to the recent rise in mortgage rates, perhaps the winter purchase may become more common. There are always homes for sale, and typically you will receive better bang for your buck when you buy in the off season. This left me thinking that anyone intending to buy should likely be looking for that early Christmas present rather than waiting for early spring. You can beat the market with a spring possession which will put you in the same position but at a better price. And you can lock in your mortgage rate which can potentially save you thousands down the road.

More of a pondering blog than informative...but if you are interested in more ideas regarding your own position, give me a call and I would be pleased to look at the market as it relates to you.

Enjoy the warm weather!


Keith Baxter

Keith Baxter

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