Plan For Your Future!

   It is that time of year again! If your plans for the new year include selling your home in the coming spring market, NOW is the time to contact your REALTOR! I will be pleased to sit down with you and discuss the strategies that need to be in place in order for you to sell your home quickly and for top dollar. These strategies include timing the market, preparation time, de-clutter, staging and more. As well, we may need to look at buying strategies in the event you will need to purchase a home as well this year. To have a plan in place and a professional to guide you through it, makes the entire process a lot more relaxing and gives you the confidence you want going through the entire process. So call your REALTOR soon! Do not wait until the week before you want it sold! Allow my expertise to guide you through a smooth transition.

   If you are a buyer in the present market, NOW is the right time to contact your REALTOR! There is a good chance that there may be a property on the market right now that will suit your needs. By buying NOW you avoid the bidding wars of the hot spring market, have more strength in negotiating and best of all, can get yourself a great deal on your new home.

   Bottom line, if you are looking at the real estate market this coming year, give me a call so we can prepare you to take advantage of the best opportunities in the coming months! Talk to you soon!

Keith Baxter

Keith Baxter

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