Winnipeg in Bloom!

As any who know me would realize, I have a bit of a yen (penchant) for gardening.  Of late, I have been fully enjoying my opportunity to appreciate the landscaping and variety of fauna I am exposed to through my line of employ.  There are so many beautiful gardens and gardeners out there and I am taking the opportunity to show my appreciation.  I fully intend to place every fabulous effort by my beloved gardeners up for nomination in the "Winnipeg in Bloom" competition.  There are so many that are deserving of recognition it truly is a pity only a few will receive award but we can try.

I am asking all of you to assist me by placing your favourite garden(s) forward for nomination and I do insist that you let me know where they are so I may appreciate them in person.  Please drop me a line informing me of the location of your garden paradise and if you are not so inclined, I would be quite willing to make the nomination myself!


Nomination cards are available at the Winnipeg Real Estate Association office at the Real Estate Board Building on Portage (& Wall st.).


I look forward to your submissions!

Keith Baxter

Keith Baxter

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