ecoENERGY Retrofit Program restarted! up to a $5000 grant

The 2009 Federal Budget has seen the restarting of ecoENERGY Retrofit program.  Some homeowners may have seen their previous grant monies delayed due to the government's need to contribute more funds to this program but they should be receiving their cheques soon.

This is the program where they put a seal upon your front door and blow out smoke through any leaks there are in the home.  You do need to use their certified inspector who will prepare a list of energy improving renovations.  Based upon the style and number of renovations undertaken, you will qualify for a grant against the cost of your renovations of up to $5000.  The inspector returns after you have completed the renovations to assess the improvement in the energy efficiency of your home and then you can apply for your grant.

These reports will be available for you to present to potential buyers to certify the style of renovation, cost and the quality of energy efficiency improvements you have made to your home.  These improvements bringing increased resale value that should more than cover the remaining costs of your renovations and put extra money in your pocket come time to sell!

This is merely a quick summary of the program.  For full details follow this link.

For anyone who is preparing for sale or may have just purchased the "fixer upper" this program may be an excellent consideration for yourself and I would be personally gratified if I was the one to point you in the direction of potentially thousands in savings while helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

And as well, there is a program available for the reduction of your CMHC fees if the home you purchase is energy efficient or you perform the energy efficient retrofittings after your purchase!  An extra kick in the event you are considering these renovations...just follow the link


All this I provide for your consideration... I will always be watching for further programs and incentives that will increase the value I can bring to your real estate transaction.

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