Where Do I Live?

I live in a community that has one of the lowest crime rates in Canada.

In my community people say hi to you on the streets and stop to talk to you.

The only traffic congestion in our community is on Sunday when everyone is getting to one of the many different churches we have.

Here, it rains at night and is sunny and hot during the day.

Our four season climate is literally three months, to the day, of each season.

Most of the people who live here do so because of our climate; not too dry, not too wet.

My grass stays green all year long yet I never water it.

First Nations people share the land with third and fourth generation farmers.

There are numerous joint ventures evident throughout our community, shared by both.

Our Fall Fair is one of the oldest Fairs in Canada.

From my home I can legally hunt for open bull moose. Deer and bear are plentiful!

There is an abundance of ducks and waterfowl, ring-necked pheasants, grouse and quail, all within the City limits.

It is common to catch and release giant spring salmon, sockeye salmon, coho and rainbow trout in the lakes that surrounds us. The Pacific sockeye salmon stocks are dependent on our pollution free streams and crystal clear lakes. The largest sockeye salmon run in North America is at our doorstep, some years totalling over 10 million fish.

Pedestrians and riders on horse back have the right of way where I live. There are eight traffic lights in our community, more than most care for, but that's because the Trans Canada Highway goes through our City.

There are no potholes in any of our streets. Most of our roads are new, with sidewalks and bicycle paths. Our waterfront is protected from development so that rare, waterfowl species and fish can thrive without the threat of mans encroachment.

We have a brand new, state of the art, City Hall and Court House. We boast a University; one of the best hospitals, relatively speaking; an Olympic aquatic center; a twin sheet hockey arena; an outdoor sports complex that accommodates rugby, football, soccer and baseball, complete with a licensed club house. Our golf course is consistently ranked as one of the top ten in the Province; this year it was ranked in the top ten in Canada.

Our local athletes have won Olympic medals in swimming, curling and shooting. Athletes from our community have turned professional in most of the major sports leagues and have even coached Canada's national basketball team. Our new high school, recently completed at a cost of $19 million dollars, holds the record for most High School Provincial basketball championships.

While we do not have a downhill ski resort, we are only one hour from three major ski resorts and two hours from one of the biggest ski resorts, size wise, in Canada. Our cross country ski hill has hundreds of kilometers of trails, in a pristine wilderness area and hosts one of the largest Loppets in North America.

Our community attracts world class artists, writers, painters and musicians because of its conducive climate and natural setting. A few such artisans, living in the community, have received the Order of Canada.

We host an internationally recognized musical festival that lasts three days and attracts hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world.

I know what you're thinking, there can't be such a place as I've described, but there is and everything I've written is true.






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