Jimmy The Renovator: Re-Inventing Construction

I know you probably think I'm a only a construction worker and I don't know how to use computers or this new Social Media stuff to fix houses. On the contrary. All of my workers are linked through each site. We all talk through Skype and use Facetime now to show each other exactly what is going on at each site. When there is a problem and multiple people are involved we will have an on the spot conference.

From time to time we do not use all of our contractors. We encourage them to keep in touch with each other.The premise of any type of social networking is simple: keep in touch with friends, make new contacts based on your previous friends, and overall expand your network of friends exponentially. While this type of networking has made a craze among younger generations for menial reasons, it serves to provide greater benefit for the working force; contractors included.

Of the most frightening prospects of a construction job remains the very real possibility of being laid off. Without work, hopeful contractors will be able to support themselves or even their family. Much of the problem in getting a new job lies within lack of networking. usually of which requires hiring a job agent. But to avoid the situation altogether, social networking has be refashioned as a way to keep in touch with friends, of who will hear about job openings much sooner than job agents.

In conjunction with social networking, marketing has become a proper way for contractors to both find work and increase their reputation among their community. Good marketing often relies on some type of Internet location where customers can learn more about what a contractor may or may not have to offer. For more information about construction networking send me an email.