It's not the Same!


Things Real Estate agents use to compare….remember they are not necessarily the same.

Comparables are used in many occasions to justify housing prices. While this is the primary method for pricing out a house, common sense also must come into play. Not all houses that are being compared are necessarily the same. Keep in mind a little breathing room for certain KEY differences.

Here are some "bites" to consider when comparing houses"

Flooring: An example is hardwood. You see the MLS listing and it states hardwood. Anybody that has shopped for hardwood knows that there are so many different types of hardwood. There are even some laminate hardwood that are almost identical to hardwood and are longer lasting. Some people put a greater value on that. Flooring is just one example.

Stainless Steel appliances: Every company makes stainless steel appliances now. In most MLS blurbs, it says stainless steel. That can mean the difference between a $3000 kitchen and $15000.

Finished basement: I love this one. If anything is done to a basement it is written as finished. To me a finished basement is rare. Maybe its because I prefer good workmanship to home made do-it-yourself basements. Just because it says finished ….doesn't mean cases it is not finished properly!

While there are many other areas of a house that you can compare I suggest you remember that just because two houses may LOOK the same in an advertisement, doesn't mean they ARE the same at all, and therefore will not cost the same.