Landscape to Sell

Landscape to Sell

I know a thing or two about a beautiful landscape. I'm outside all the time and when I see a beautiful house on the outside, I think how great it must be on the inside. Here are some easy "bites" to sell your house on the outside first.

1. Clean up any yard waste and clutter: This means raking the leaves in the fall and disposing of them. Get rid of that old tire behind the garage. Try to look at your house objectively, as if you're seeing it for the first time. If there is anything that would detract from the look of the landscape to you, it will be more so with a possible buyer.

2. Reseed any bare spots and thin areas on the lawn: Pick grass seed that's right for your climate. You can do this by hand and the new grass grows pretty quickly. After reseeding, be sure to keep people (or dogs) off that section of the lawn and keep it watered.

3. Cut down any large trees and bushes that are too close to the house or are in poor condition. You may have to hire a professional for this if the tree is a large one.

4 .Plant flower borders along walkways and in front of the home. Low flowering borders add colour and a homey feeling to a house without detracting from the main focus, which is the home itself. Be sure it is not too close to the house or you might run into leakage problems in your foundation.

5. Install path lights on walkways and pathways. There are many outdoor lighting options available at your local home improvement store and many do not involve complicated wiring. An economical and green friendly choice is solar powered pathway lights.

6. Repair any large cracks in the driveway and clean up oil spills and stains. Tide with bleach and a firm scrub brush works well on driveway stains.

Landscaping can get expensive but sticking to the basics are a necessity especially if you selling your house this spring.