Marketing Your House Today!

The days of Selling your house simply by listing it on MLS and taking one picture are over. With so much saturation of houses, condos, and townhouses your house needs to stand out from the crowd. Let's face it, now that MLS laws have changed, so will the industry. If all your agent is going to do is post your house on MLS and take one picture, you can find an Internet Real Estate company to do that with little or no fees. Why pay for more? I wouldn't. I'm here to tell you that to sell your house in 2011 you need more. Also if you think that the newspapers are a good way to advertise your house, you should think about buying a computer, its 2011. Usually by the time your house is posted in the newspaper, the listing is already stale. When was the last time you looked in the newspaper for anything? If technology is something you think is for youngsters, think again.Senior citizens are one of the highest growing users of smart phones, the Internet and Social Networking. When people buy something today, the majority of people do research online first.After they have done research they go out and see it, then they buy it. The opposite was true a generation ago. 

So if people are going online to look at houses, shouldn't you make sure that your house is showcased in the best way? Here are some key things that you or your agent should be doing to market your house!

1. Website: You should have a site for your property dedicated to showing multiple high-def pictures, video, maps, & amenities in the area and more.

2. Domain Name: Register a domain name with your property 

3. Social Media:  FacebookTwitterYoutube and Linkedin are standard sites to promote your property. There are also applications within these companies which are dedicated for selling  Real Estate properties. Sign up and get your property on these applications.

4. Open House: This is an oldie but a goodie - An open house should be promoted on all of the places stated above. It is also very important to promote the open house with  flyers door to door. Your neighbours are a key asset in selling your house. Call me to discuss why!

5. Email & Text Message: These are important to get the word out directly in front of potential buyers. Due to the fact that so many emails are competing for our attention, text messaging is becoming more common. Having a text 4 information service is great. You text a number and your information is sent back to the buyer. Text 33344 & type "690" in subject to get an idea of how it works. (No charge, its safe) 

6. Video Video Video: Virtual tours are dead. Get a real video for your house. I mean my IPhone has high-def video.. Moving pictures and bad angle pictures need to be buried. Do you know how many buyers ask me, Why don't they have a video? The virtual tour was just a bunch of bad pictures put together! nuff said. 

Well here are a few starters to get you going to market your house. Does it sound like a lot? It is! That is why agents that offer these services and more are earning their commission these days. These are only a few, to learn about more marketing techniques, send me an email.