Older homes becoming smarter!

After reading an article regarding the features of a smart mattress cover that plugs in and controls the temperature of you bed for optimum sleeping comfort while reporting and monitoring your heartrate, sleep and breathing patterns. I decided to dig deeper into the lastest technology releases and came to a realization that the latest technologies are finding their way into our homes at an astonishing pace.

How about a washing machine that, when asked, reports how much time is left in a cycle; or a refrigerator that alerts the owner when food is about to expire. These are among several recent products that help your home transform into a "smart home"  a futuristic vision of homes that constantly monitor their own activity, alerting the owner's  when windows are opened, garage door left open, clothes  done drying and even commanding the coffee maker to turn on automatically when they get out of a temperature controlled, sleep cycle monitoring bed.

These technologies are rapidly catching upto the "Smart Home of the Future" display homes and allowing the consumer to transforming their own existing homes. The idea of the home buyer looking to purchase the latest "Smart" home is now being quickly replaced by customizable solutions already available at your electronics stores today.

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Kuljit Aujla

Kuljit Aujla

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