You have all heard this term.  Curb appeal is a potential buyer's first impression of your home.  A buyer will quite often do a drive by before booking an appointment to view your home.  You may have lost them right there.

Curb appeal is the way your house presents itself from the street.  Does your house say "Welcome come on in", or does it say "I'm tired , don't bother me"?    How do you acheive curb appeal?   Where do you start?  The best place to start is the street.  Stand in the street in front of your home.  Is everything neat and tidy, or is there some debris left from the winter that you haven't bothered to pick up?  Are last falls dead flowers still in the flower bed?  Have you raked your front lawn and CLEANED UP THE DOG DIRT that accumulated over the winter?

Okay, that's done.  Next step is to take a drive around your neighbourhood or a neighbourhood you desire.  Take note of the homes that catch your eye.  There is a probably a trend here.  Unless you are a realestate agent, you probably haven't been inside these homes, so you are basing your opinion from the way they look from the street - curb appeal.   I'm sure your favourites are neat and tidy out front, no glaring repairs that need to be done and probably have a nice front entrance.

Your front entrance is the key.  Your front door should not be in need of a coat of paint.  It should also have some interest to it.  If you door is white, and blends in with the surrounding siding, please, please have an urn with greenery or a nice wreath or painted furniuture beside it.  You have to draw people to your front entrance.  A nice walkway leading to the front door helps as well.

I found the following article in the newspaper and thought it was fun: (don't necessarily agree, my front door is yellow)

What does your front door say about you?

Black:   You are the most successful in your career out of your neighbours.                                                        

Red: You are an extrovert who is relaxed, happy and outgoing.

Purple: You love socializing and have a close-knit group of friends.

Pink: You take chances in life, have the most friends of anyone and yet are full of mischief.

White or Brown: You are completely content in your life.

Orange or Terracotta: You are happy with your relationships.

Green: Considered the most trustworthy, you are also intelligent and sophisticated.

Yellow:  You make great money but you're loud and admit to being a bad neighbour.

Kelly Derue

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