November Already

What happened?  How is it november already?  We are almost through another year.........

Last night it was Halloween and I woke up this morning thinking of Christmas.

  This is a great time of the year to organize and reorganize your home.  You already have to make room in your closets and dressers for your winter clothes.  While you are making the switch, take a good look at each piece of clothing you are taking out or putting away.  If you no longer where it, or if it doesn't fit, or even if it is your favourite sweater but has absolutley no shape left to it, let it go.  You will feel much better once you do

Now that you have your clothes sorted and your closets organized, take a look at the rest of the house.  Why not put some things in storage that have been on display all summer and put something else in it's place, or better yet, put nothing in it's place.  Change cushions and throws to richer, warmer shades, maybe change  your drapes as well.  A new rug at the door is not only practical, but it is also more welcoming than that filtly one you put away last season.

It's time to cozy up!

P.S.  Remember to change your furnace filters and the batteries in your smoke detectors.

Kelly Derue

Kelly Derue

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