A weight loss goal you will keep!

Happy New Year All.

You are probably reading the title of this blog and saying what  does a Realtor know about weight loss?  Well, this is a different type of weight loss, it is a weight loss for your home.  When you are done, your home will have shed 50 or more pounds and you will feel great.

Where to start.....

  PAPER.  If you are like most people, you have a lot of paper laying around your house, so put on some comfy clothes and get to work.  Look around your home, you probably have some magazines you are keeping because you want to try a recipe or like the look of that bedroom etc.  These magazines take up space, therefore creating clutter.  Clip the article you want to keep and recycle the rest of the magazine.  Now don't leave those scraps of paper laying around, if it is a recipe, tape it inside a cook book, if it is decorating, start a file and file it.  Better yet, scan these things and store them on your computer!  Do you have old bills or tax information that can go....shred it goodbye. Old newspapers, outdated sales flyers, pizza menus and junk mail  - straight to recycling bin

BOOKS.    Most people have books that they will never read or never read again.  Make someone's day and pass them on or donate to charity

KIDS SCHOOLWORK.  We all have those pictures that come home from school and go on the fridge, then what.  Most of us have a hard time parting with these treasures, but you have to do it, otherwise it starts to take over. The real special pieces can be put in a frame and used as artwork on the walls.  Another good suggestion is to take pictures of everything and burn onto a disc.  A disc per child if you have years of stuff sitting around.  Another idea is, once you have taken pictures of everything, you can have them made into a book.

PHOTOGRAPHS.  Do you have pictures here, there and everywhere.  Go out and purchase some nice photo albums and start arranging your pictures.  This can be an evening task while watching TV.  You will be surprised at how much you will enjoy looking at these pictures again.  Once finished display your album on coffee table so other people can view them as well.  If you have multiple albums, switch them up every couple of weeks.  These pictures are meant to be seen and enjoyed.

If you are like most of us, you have probably lost 50 pounds by now.  Your house is looking better, you feel better, what a great start to the New Year.   Hopefully, these positive results will help motivate you to open a few closet doors and start there.    HAPPY PURGING.


Kelly Derue

Kelly Derue

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