If you are thinking of selling, now is the time to have your home on the market.

Finally our spring market has started!  If you are thinking of selling, you should be calling me right now. It has been a long hard winter and Buyers are anxious to purchase their new home.

If you have followed my blog, you should have decluttered in January, maybe applied a fresh coat of paint and rearranged furniture in February /March.  Hopefully, you have purchased some bright spring colours in the form of cushions, throws, artwork or area rugs and have infused that into your space.  So, your house is looking and feeling good and it is time to get it on the market. 

Curb appeal is major as well, and below is my Feng Shui tip for April that deals with that exact subject.

Your main door to your house is the mouth of chi.  This is where energy first enters your home. It is important to feel good when you cross your threshold, you and your guests should feel welcome entering your home.

To do this, you must avoid blocking your home's entrance or you will block positive energy from flowing toward you. Stand at your front entrance and look out, do you see a tall tree directly in front of you (within 30 feet)?  If so, you are splitting the energy before it can even enter your home, this may cause feelings of confusion or split decisions on important matters.

Pathways leading to your home or garden should always be curved to resemble a meandering stream or river to create a sense a peace.  Also, try to avoid too many staright lines in your garden design. Sidewalks and paths that are too long or straight tend to cause chi to speed up and become aggressive.

Planting a few red flowers or small, low, red bushes in your front garden will attract new opportunties.

The same rules apply to the outside of your home as they do to the inside;  keep it clean, decluttered and well maintained.

Kelly Derue

Kelly Derue

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