Time to Get the House ready for Spring

Ok, so we have all lost st least 50 pounds of clutter out of our houses...What a great feeling!

 It's time to freshen up the house.  Spring is coming and we want our houses to be ready.  Now is the time to do your spring cleaning.  If you wait until the weather is nice, you don't want to be inside.

My motto is to take the worst and make it the best. Step number one; grab a pencil and pad and head outside.

Stand on your front step and enter your house as a stranger.  Look around, really look around, what do you see?   Is there a light bulb out in your front entrance?  Are there 10 pair of shoes and boots out in plain sight?  Is your baseboard scuffed and dirty?  If so write these things down and continue into the house.  You don't want to overwhelm yourself, so just start with your main rooms, the ones that actually receive guests. 

Continue writing down things that need to be repaired or just tidied up.  Write down the little things too, like the burnt out light bulb.  It's an easy fix and then you can the satifaction of scratching it off your list.

The things that make the biggest impact and cost the least are:

#1  Elbow grease.  Even if it's a little worn, it looks ten times better if it's clean.

#2  Paint.  Paint is inexpensive, it's a weekend job, you can do it yourself and it packs a wallop!  If you are unsure of which paint to use, just ask the salesperson at the store, they are helpful and know their stuff.  Do yourself a favour, paint at least one room in your house, you will get immediate gratifacation.  Remember,  to spend a little time before you start to paint and repair nail holes etc. 

#3  If you couch or chair are worn or just ugly, consider a couch cover.  Once again they are inexpensive and the change is immediate.  Add a couple of throw cushions and your good to go.  If your couch is in good state of repair, just add a couple of new cushions...don't be afraid of colour.

#4  Area rugs.  If your floors are damaged or your carpets are stained, and new flooring just isn't in the budget, consider an area rug.  You have to go big enough to make an impact (8 X 10 for example).  In the last couple of years, outdoor area rugs have become very popular.  They are beautiful, usually in nice neutrals and less expensive than an indoor area rug.  They are also not bulky, so it they are over carpet they don't look heavy.

Ok, roll up your sleeves and get to work!

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