Bike to work? Brighton works.

I really liked this blog post on the national website.  My husband Rob and I chose to live very close to the downtown area in Brighton, and our house purchase was 100% based on location, location, location. 

If you are a local, you may relate to his one and only house specification as "we must be walking distance to the Brighton Clover Farm."  I couldn't really relate, not having grown up in this area but am now very happy with our decision.   Coincidentally, my husband's parents (proof again that Charlotte is a fantastic Mom) and two brothers live in a 2 block radius, and always have. 

We can walk to Victoria Park, our kids can walk to West Kent, Queen Charlotte, and Colonel Gray, as well as tennis, soccer, parks, waterfront, downtown and more.  We can survive with one car because so much is within walking proximity. 

Our family can really relate to this post:  Bike to work

Kelly Lantz

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