Online Shopping - for a House?

Would you purchase a home online?  Without ever seeing it in person?  Charlotte and I did a final walk through today on a house that will close tomorrow with our clients who were seeing their home "in real life" for the first time.  Our clients were from out of province and relocating back to PEI, so we spent the past few months working with them online to find the right home for them.  Circumstances on their end meant that they couldn't travel to PEI to view the house for themselves, but they wanted to have a house lined up before they arrrived.  They are a young couple with 3 children under the age of 4 (the youngest being just seven weeks, born on the day our offer was presented and accepted!). 

We worked closely with our clients - virtual tours uploaded for them to view, working with home inspectors, electricians, and extended family members on their behalf.  We sent out rough sketched house layouts for them to view and after much searching, we found the perfect house for them.  The minute they saw this house listed, they thought - wow.  The minute Charlotte and I saw it on their behalf, we thought "WOW" - perfect match. 

So after about 6 months of phone calls and emails, we finally met face to face today - to show them their new home for the first time.  And I am so happy to say that they loved it in person as much as they loved it online.  It was so great to meet them in real life for us too, though I certainly felt like we *knew* each other.  I felt a bit like a matchmaker - this time matching the house to the client.  We are so happy for our new friends and the house they chose, and wish them every success here starting their new life in Charlottetown.

Online shopping has so much potential!

Kelly Lantz

Kelly Lantz

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