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PEI real estate - Sherwood is a neighborhood of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. It was originally known as Sherwood Station and was incorporated as a village in 1960. It's name was shortened to Sherwood in 1983.Sherwood amalgamated into the city of Charlotteton on April 1, 1995.

Sherwood was originally largely farmland. It bordered Charlottetown and West Royalty on the west, Parkdale on the south, and East Royalty on the east.

In 1938, 300 acres of Sherwood farmland were purchased by the city of Charlottetown to create an airport. During the 1960's - 1990's, much of the remaining farmland was developed into housing projects which resulted in many single-detached homes constructed throughout the area, making Sherwood one of PEI's top-five communities in terms of population.

Sherwood has it's own Junior High School, Stonepark Junior High School located at 50 Pope Ave., Charlottetown.

Stonepark Junior High School

Sherwood has some retail stores which are primarily located in the Sherwood Business Centre. One such store is Proude's Shoes which has remained in this plaza since 1965 since. The business centre has changed from primarily housing retail stores to now being home to government offices such as the Office of the Public Guardian and the Energy Efficiency Information Centre.

Another Sherwood landmark is Maid Marian's, a popular local restaurant that has a very loyal clientelle. Their menu satisfies your appetite for almost any comfort food you are craving and for a reasonable price.

In May 2009 this local landmark was destroyed by fire which spread to and also destroyed the neighboring Sherwood Drug Mart. Both establishments were rebuilt and are doing business once again.


Recently Sherwood aquired a new work of art. It is a wood carving of Robin Hood which now stands at the eastern entrance to Charlottetown, off of St. Peter's Road. Aboriginal artist Levi Cannon was hired by the City of Charlottetown to create a wood carving from trees that had to be cut down due to Dutch Elm Disease.


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