January market was as slow as molasses in … January.

Well it seems like people were taking a “wait and see” attitude in the face of recent falling oil prices. January’s market activity was much slower than normal, which is not too surprising. Sort of like slipping on the ice and falling, people were assessing the situation and seeing if they hurt anywhere. With the news media feeding fears of huge market losses and in particular the housing industry, it is no wonder that the public wanted to take some time to see what would shake out in the housing market. Listings were down another 21% from last year and sales were down a dramatic 66% from last January.

But now it is February, and it is plain to see that we have determined that there is just a little ripple of impact on our economy in Swift Current. Yes, there are some who have had employment setbacks, and there may be more to come, but all in all, our balanced economy plugs along merrily. There are still plenty of jobs out there (over 80 on swiftcurrentjobshop.ca alone) and the world has not come to an end so people are coming out like a chrysalis from a cocoon. Already this month’s sales numbers are surpassing January’s and listings continue to be in short supply. The law of supply and demand makes this a great time to be selling your house.

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