QR! For a Home Buyer..

As everyone knows - change is inevitable. Be it something small affecting only those locally or on a much bigger national, possibly even world wide scale. So the everlasting question - Is change good or bad? While some see change as just another inconvenience, others are excited by the opening of new doors into the future.

The QR ("Quick Response") code. Derived from Japanese technology, it's been around for years yet lately, it seems as though we are beginning to see it more and more often. You can find them in news papers, magazines, postcards.. even on billboards and vehicles. So, what does all this mean to you as a home buyer?

The Real Estate industry is beginning to move forward with this type of technology. QR codes may not only be used to market a Seller's home, but you as a home buyer, will have complete access to:

  • listing description
  • property details
  • photos
  • agent contact information
  • request a showing
  • save to your online account
  • share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter

All of this at your fingertips by merely turning on a QR enabled code reader on your smartphone and snapping a picture. Brilliant. The best part? You can find QR code readers and scanners for smartphones that are absolutely free.

A URL address isn't the only thing you can make with a QR Code Generator, and as we move forward with technology we will continue to adapt, change, and see exciting new ways to utilize it. If you aren't leading, you're behind. Don't be the last to test drive this cutting-edge home buying tool!

Kelsey Ozeroff with Century 21 Mountainview Realty Ltd.

Kelsey Ozeroff

Kelsey Ozeroff

CENTURY 21 Mountainview Realty Ltd.
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