You're a Realtor? How's the market!

When it comes to real estate, general market trends are like a solid foundation. A good place to start. But here’s some food for thought:

Would you buy a home in Castlegar if Vancouver’s market was booming? If the properties in your neighbourhood were selling above market value, would you want to know?

General market statistics are just that, general. The scales may be tipped as larger markets have more impact than the smaller ones on the statistics you hear about. A Real Estate agent has access to infomation the public does not. Their knowledge of any market is comprehensive. New developments, location, and the motivation of Buyers and Sellers (just to name a few) can greatly have an impact on a market. But what’s happening in your neighbourhood?

If you’re buying or selling, investing or undecided, don’t rely on the general statements you hear or see on the news. Call a local expert. Make an appointment. Get the market information that matters to you. Your market.

Understanding your market? Priceless. For everything else there’s.. Google.

Kelsey Ozeroff with Century 21 Mountainview Realty Ltd.

Kelsey Ozeroff

Kelsey Ozeroff

CENTURY 21 Mountainview Realty Ltd.
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