Welcome to a new year. 2009 is going to be a year of challenge for the world, not only Central Alberta. We are witnessing a sweeping change in world dynamics and attitudes. Your attitude and point of view depends on which day or which channel you watch your news. I believe 2009 will be a year of learning, of changing and of growing. The leaders of our countries have realized that we cannot keep pushing problems back, eventually we are responsible for our actions. In Central Alberta our housing market has undergone some changes. Sometimes I feel like a WalMart commercial with the roll backs and you are better because you are lower. Now more than ever houses have to be priced right or they will not sell. When I take buyers out we have 30-45 houses to choose from. The ones that are overpriced will still be there when we are done. Buyers are educated, they know the market and are not pushed to buy something anymore. My opinion though is not to be to picky. If you are considering buying then buy soon. There are signs the market is picking up. My listings are getting more hits on the different websites, mortgage brokers are busier and our office has a buzz to it again. I am lucky to be apart of the busiest office in Red Deer, other offices are larger but none are busier. We do more deals per realtor than anyone and when our office starts buzzing I know things are picking up. Its going to be a great year.

Ken Devoe

Ken Devoe

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