2011 - SO FAR

So far in the first half of 2011 we have seen an improved real estate market. The Red Deer market has seen a turn around to the positive. Last year we saw a lot of overpriced listings that did not sell. The market was correcting and people (realtors and sellers) were not in a hurry to acknowledge that. This year we are getting less listings on our system but more are selling. Below are numbers that show what I am talking about:

Total Listings:

2010 – 1880

2011 – 1663

Total Sales:

2010 – 754

2011 - 814

That’s an 12% decrease in listings and an 8% increase in sales. The biggest number to me is that out of 1663 listings this year Realtors have sold 48% while in 2010 we sold only 40%. That’s huge. It shows an improving market. While sale prices have not changed a lot it shows people are willing to purchase again. Consumer confidence is coming back.

My thoughts on the second ½ of 2011 are guarded. I believe those numbers will increase. I think we will see more sales in the second half of 2011 than the first half. The first half we saw 814 sales and I think we will see probably 850 or so sales in the second half. I think consumers are seeing an improved Alberta economy and are starting to spend money again. But its smart money. People are buying houses but are buying more affordable houses. That’s a good thing.

If you are thinking of buying a home or selling your existing home please give me a call. Your realtor should be on top of the ever changing real estate market. For buyers this means a realtor who can walk you through a house and tell you which one is overpriced and why. As a seller I can show you how to maximize your home to receive top dollar in your sale.

Call or email me at any time if you ever have any questions

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Ken Devoe

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Ken Devoe

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