I was recently told by a client that I do not act like other Realtors?

HMMM I really did not know how to take that. A few days later I asked her what she meant by that. She said I was easy to get along with, that I thought of her best interests.

Isn't that good? I thought that was good.

She ended up buying a house. I think she made a wise decision. There were others that were grossly higher in price than the one she picked. All I did was I gave her some of my time and answered her questions honestly.

Why did that make me unlike other Realtors. I would hope all Realtors would do that, I would hope that all Realtors have the clients best interest at heart. When I meet someone who is buying or selling a home, I try to balance between professional and friend, get to know your wants as a person as a couple or as a family and then work to find the best possibilities. One of the problems in this industry of real estate is we cannot not watch other Realtors interact with their clients. I wonder what would make people say 'you do not act like other Realtors' Apparantly the comment is a good thing, I am getting more people call me saying my friend needs a home or my sister is thinking of selling. So I may not be like other Realtors, I may care a little bit more, I may spend a little more time to make sure you have the right house.

I really think MOST Realtors are good, there are different personalities but most have your best interests in mind. Everyone is different, every Realtor is different.

My philosphy is to spend as much time needed to help you find your best options in a home, to get you that home at the best possible price and to make sure you are ok with the process. I have always been different, I guess I am OK with that. So if you are looking for a new Realtor in Red Deer or Central Alberta give me a call 403-350-1192


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