Hey its winter

As I am writing this it is -34. In case you are new to Canada this is COLD. Not much to do about it but complain and get ready for this weekends balmy temperatures of -2.

While you are wandering about your house today and tomorrow take a notice of a few things.

1. When was the last time I changed my furnace filter. The furnace is running steady right now and may need a new filter.
2. Are any of my doors leaking? Do you see frost around a section of your door. It may need new weather stripping.
3. Windows – see #2
4. Check eavestroughing around your home. When temperatures go from +10 to -34 then back to 0, the snow melts, freezes in your eaves and plugs everything. Check for plugged gutters and downspouts and icicle forming on the edge of your home.

Good luck the rest of the week. Make your list of things to do when the weather warms up this weekend.

If you have something to add, please leave me a message on here.

See you at the beach this weekend

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