How will I sell your house?

Today I spent the morning with a lady who is thinking of selling her home. Nice lady, hard working husband and four adorable kids. A normal Canadian family. They want to make a move but they bought in the last few years when the real estate market was hotter than now, prices were higher. There are many people in Central Alberta like this family, they bought a house in 2007 or 2008 and now its value is lower than before. Its hard for us as realtors to go to a home and tell people that they are going to lose money. This particular lady knows whats happening and really was not that surprised. We talked about everything from improvements to saleability. Saleability is what I think I excell at. Saleability is how much interest your home will have on the market right now. Like I told this lady today there are two reasons your home will sell. Price and marketing. An overpriced house will not sell in todays market, there are to many to choose from and buyers know them all. Secondly is marketing. Marketing your home is what every realtor should do. Does your realtor market properly? My listings are advertised at least 10 ways. One of my listings has been viewed over 2000 times on different websites, 2000 times over the past 45 days during the Christmas period. Thats a number I am proud of. Real Estate is a competitive business and I am proud to have a top ranked Century 21 website  across Canada.

I want to be your realtor.

I want to market your home  to as many people in as many ways needed to sell it.

I want to help Central Albertans find their next home.

Ken Devoe - Century 21 Advantage

Red Deer Alberta

Ken Devoe

Ken Devoe

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