I had a thought. Instead of just my opinion what if I asked someone else what they thought of our market. How they saw things and what they expect to happen. That person would be none other than Heidi Dandurand of Invis .

My question for Heidi was, followed by her response:

What is your mortgage advice for people who are considering buying a home in this uncertain market?

"If you feel comfortable with the security of your employment, then NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY!!! With the softening of house prices and the lowest rates we have seen ever, this makes it the MOST AFFORDABLE TIME TO BUY. You can really take advantage of the lower prices and the lower rates! Plus, if you lock in the rate, you know exactly what your payment amount will be for up to the next 5 years. This sure beats renting when prices are always going up!!! "

When I read that from Heidi I thought it was a very simple answer,and it was. Perfect. Rates are really low right now. You have the choice of having your mortgage for less than 5 years but you always run the risk of the interest rates going up. Housing prices historically go up. The correction we have been witnessing will not last much longer. When prices start going up so will the interest rates. Like Heidi said if you are in a secure position in life buy NOW.

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