New Subdivisions for Red Deer Real Estate

If you have been driving around Red Deer lately you will see our new subdivisions are growing.  Most of the expansion Red Deer is seeing right now is over on the east side in the Clearview Ridge, Timberlands, Southbrook and Vanier Woods. All these areas have families already living there but the expansion on all is still going. Yesterday I drove into the back of Timberlands and was amazed how far east they have progressed. When you first drive into Timberlands you will see existing homes but the subdivision goes north, south and east of what you see right now. Here are a few pictures I snapped while poking around.

What always seems to amaze me is all new subdivisions will have a different feel to them. Some people I have been showing like certain subdivisions while others do not. It is all personal preference. I also have my favorites.

But within each of the new areas there are family homes and in a few years when all is built and the people have come, you will have a small community that you call home. Nothing beats a new home. Most of our sales in organized real estate are resale of an existing home but I think everyone should at one point of their lives build their own home. It takes extra time and lots of energy and some frustration but overall it is a great experience.

So our new subdivisions are growing and when they are done more will be popping up around Red Deer. Take a drive around some time I think you will be impressed by what our city is becoming.

If you have any questions about building your new home or buying an existing home please do not hesitate to contact me.

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