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Price reductions are part of selling your home. A lot of owners are faced with reducing their price in order to get their home sold. Right now I have 3 listings. This weekend I have an offer going on one of them and reduced the other 2 by a few thousand. Reductions are not a slight or a black eye. It shows that the seller is serious about selling the home. It does not mean they are desperate but shows that they are serious. If you are looking to buy a home and see a price reduction on a house it is a sure sign that the seller is serious and usually not ‘out to lunch’ about their house.

Here are my 2 price reductions this past week:

81 Cameron Crescent  &  11 Woodland Drive

In the past 31 days there have been 143 price reductions. Out of them there are 104 still active, 9 have an offer on them and 15 have sold.

If you are thinking of selling your home please contact me and I will show you how I can help.

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