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I wanted to write a blog about moving. Sometimes we as realtors forget or are to busy to fully understand what sellers go through when they sell their home and move. Recently I was a seller, my home was on the market, and yes I was the realtor of choice. The one thing I learned from this experience was how much stress is between the time you sell your existing home and find your new home. Being homeless, even only on paper sucked. Kelly and I knew where we wanted to be, what we wanted and how much we could afford. We did our homework and knew what we were doing. BUT the anxiety of those few days was incredible.

Whenever I have a client selling their home to either downsize or upsize I always tell them " when your home sells you will be priority and we will search until we find your new home". Until this personal experience I never fully understood what that meant. I knew there would be some anxiety but nothing until I went through it. Now I know.

But the truth is, unless you can afford 2 mortgages this is the best way to make the move. Sell your exisitng home and then buy your new home. The stress of being 'homeless' for a few days compared to carrying 2 mortgages is nothing.

So if you are thinking of selling and downsizing or upsizing please let me know. We can discuss the best plan of action for your family's next home.

Moving day for us is Friday. As much as I am looking forward to being in our new place, packing and moving is not fun.

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Ken Devoe

Ken Devoe

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