Real Property Reports vs Title Insurance

When you are buying or selling a home you will come across some questions regarding gettig title insurance or an RPR.

A RPR is still the best option, an RPR is a surveyor plot of your property, showing the length and width of the land along with the placement of your home on the plot of land. The important thing on a RPR is that your home is placed wholly on your property and not encroached on your neighbors land. An RPR will have a stamp and signature to show it was given proper approval.

Title insurance is an insurance policy that the sellers buys for the new owners stating that everything is within the property lines and they know of no encroachments on their neighbors property. Banks also like the new owners to have Title Insurance because it covers their investment in your new home.

Either one will work in your purchase. I like an up to date RPR because you know exactly where your land is, there are no questions. If an RPR is not available the Title Insurance is sufficient plus your bank will like you.

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