Sisson Ave Fire - Part 2


Wow - never have I had so much feedback from any of my posts before. Obviously todays fire has brought about some strong feelings. I have had calls, tweets and facebook posts complimenting my post. This topic is close to your heart and mine.

Some of the feedback was people asking - what can be done?  How can we stop this? My opinion unfortunately is we cannot. Fire has been around forever and unfortunately it sometimes ruins homes.

Can we reduce the effects? Damn right we can.

In a normal house fire certain safety devices are possible. Whether its better building material or a fire suppression system (sprinklers) there has to be better ways to build homes. One of the calls I received after posting my blog this morning was from Murray at Gold Seal Homes. Follow them at @GldSlHms Murray told me that at Gold Seal they build all their homes with sprinklers built in. I love the idea. For $5-6K he can equip any house with a sprinkler system. Watch his video:

Will this remove the fire issue, no probably not but it will contain it quickly and reduce the spread.

Just my thoughts. Thank you to everyone who commented, I do love our social community here in Red Deer.

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