So What Stopping You?

So what stopping you from buying a home?




Fear of the future?

Yes sales are down from the past two years and yes the housing market is not looking good in the news. I have a different opinion. If I was looking to buy a home when would be the best time to do so? When is the ideal time to buy a home?

In real estate we have 3 periods:

1. Buyers markets - Very little selling with lots of choice

2. Sellers Markets - Very little choice and selling quick

3. Balanced Market - Most houses are selling in an ordinary amount of time

I believe we  are in the best period to buy your home, a buyers market has been in effect in Central Alberta for about a year now. Prices have come down since the peak of 2007-08 and sellers expectations have been corrected. You can now buy a half duplex for under 200K when they were selling for 230-250K 2 years ago. You can buy a 1200SF bilevel with a garage fo 340-350K when they sold for 380-410K not that long ago.

Most of the people I have been dealng ith this summer have been young families that are selling their first homes and buying something bigger and families moving into our area. I see them picking up homes that are cleaner and in better repair than homes that sold for 20-40K more two years ago.

So whats stopping you?

Buying a home whether its your first or fifth is scary. Nobody wants to make a mistake. Nobody wants to pay more than they should.

Thats where I can help, I will show you your options and give you my advice on each house. Your first step is deciding to call and set up an appointment to meet. At that meeting I will show you whats available, you tell me your wants and needs and together we find you the right home.

Thanks for reading

Ken Devoe

Century 21 Advantage


Ken Devoe

Ken Devoe

CENTURY 21 Advantage
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