Summer, Winter and ME

Well today is September 30. Summer is over. Starting tomorrow is my official start of winter. For me October signifies that we are heading into winter which means snow, wind and less sunshine. Three things I dislike. The other thing I dislike is the real estate market will slow down. Even in a very slow market this year it was fun, I met and worked with some great people. The September market actually picked up a bit from a slow summer. As I have told some of you, September has traditionally been my most productive month. This year is no different. The stats for the past 3 months are below, the two things I would like to stress is that  in September sales were up and the amount of new listings were down in Red Deer.

July – 126 sales – 304 new listings = 41% sales ratio

August – 94 sales – 295 listings = 32% sales ratio

September – 114 sales – 238 listings = 48% sales ratio

What that shows me is that sales rebounded after a slow August, but the interesting thing is we are back to almost 50% in our sales ratio from sales to new listings. In a normal balanced market we should achieve 50% constantly.

So why are we near that 50%? My belief is buyers are starting to see that prices have dropped, interest rates are remarkably low and winter is coming. Personally I like winter, buyers are serious, usually ready and excited to buy. Only serious buyers brave the Alberta winter to look at houses.

This is what I need from you, my past clients, my present clients and my friends. Everybody knows how slow the real estate market has been this year. Sales are down which hurts the home owners but it also hurts people like me. I make my living on straight commission sales, if I don’t help someone buy or sell their home I don’t get paid. I need your help. After a tough last 18 months personally and professionally I need your help. Don’t worry I am not asking for a kidney. Please keep me in mind. If you know of anyone who might be looking for a realtor please give them my name. Business is slow and any help I may get is greatly appreciated. I always ask my clients to keep me in mind for their friends but this year is different. I fully expect a mass exit of realtors out of the business in the next few months. I really do not want to be one of them so I need you to help. So if I helped you find your new home, if I helped you sell your new home please tell your friends, family or so-workers to call me. If you got this far in my letter I must have done something right for you.

Thank you to you all, you have no idea how much I appreciate you all.

Thanks for reading

Ken Devoe

Century 21 Advantage


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