Technology and Real Estate

Lately there has been a lot of changes in real estate with technology.

The industry is becoming more streamlined and trying to be 'greener'. I have been getting involved in document signing on my iPad and trying to use less paper. In our society where "paperless" started many many years ago I think we are seeing the light FINALLY. The ease of these apps are amazing. We now have the capabilities to do all the signing of the contracts on the iPad and email to the appropriate people in a second without a single tree being harmed. Personally I love this technology and plan to implement it in my business more and more over the next while.

Another technological change is information on the web. Most people today have smart phones and mobile computers/tablets. The need for information is now. People do not want to wait until they get home to find out about a particular house or a local business. We need to know now. I was recently at a tech conference and I got 2 main takeaways: 1. Local information is wanted 2. Information is wanted NOW . The new age consumer wants to know right now what they are looking at.

So how does this all affect you and your next real estate purchase? Your next purchase will probably start one of two ways:

1. Click on and start searching or

2. Drive by a listing and type in the website on the sign to get more information

Technology is changing the way consumers are finding their new home and how realtors do their job. Two things that will never change is that buyers need to physically see the houses and trust the person who is showing them. Realtors who are embracing the changes will flourish as long as they understand the technology is there to help us do our jobs not do our job for us. Home buyers want information now and have the ability to get it. Buyers who use this technology usually know what they want. Now they need a realtor who is on the same page. A realtor who knows the houses, know the area and can give sound advice on condition of the house and the pricing.

So where are you at with technology? Are you comfortable with signing for your new home on a computer? How are you finding your next home? How do you decide who will be your next realtor? I am intrigued to know what the average Red Deerian is comfortable with. 

Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for reading

Ken Devoe

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