Dickson and Son Real Estate Team

Last weekend my son approached me in a serious mood and broached the subject of his career plan.

It seems he is so impressed with my enjoyment of and dedication to the profession of Real Estate Agent that he too has decided to obtain his license.  Moreover, he proposed he and I join forces to create our own unique Sales Team.  Now granted, I was touched he was so impressed with my abilities that he was willing to commit to a long term partnership.  As well, I was admittedly excited at the prospect of creating a Dickson family business legacy that could extend through the generations.  Ever the pragmatist though, I decided to support the concept of a Father-Son partnership but still encourage him to continue to explore other employment options in the time he has left to decide.

"Son," I said, "I'm honoured you have so much faith in me that you would willingly throw your lot in with me.  But before you register for your licencing course, please consider your other options.  You should at leasty try out some of the other occupations you've always been attracted to - medicine, law enforcement, dragon blasting.  And besides, before you can take your real estate course, you have to pass your high school equivalency, not to mention finish kindergarten."

"Let's take a year to consider," I advised, "You'll be five next year and all the more prepared to pursue your true vocation in life."


Ken Dickson

Ken Dickson

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