June Love Letter

I’m really starting to like Father’s Day!


The day started off better than I had hoped. 

First, I was allowed to sleep in ‘til 7:00 AM.  Then James my 4 year-old, made breakfast for me (note to self – when he announces, “Breakfast is ready,” that means the milk is already on the Cheerios).   Topping off the morning, an invitation to my in-laws’ in Salmon Arm for an early dinner meant a possible afternoon nap in front of their TV while Grandpa played with James.


Preparation for these trips often take more time and effort than the trip itself.  Feed breakfast to the kids, clean, brush and clothe them, make snacks for the road then plead, nag and cajole them out the door and into the car.  After overcoming the obligatory fidgeting and loitering of 4 year-old James and the ‘contrary-because-I’m-teething’ nature of Charlie, our 11 month-old, we headed out on the road with Mom behind the wheel, leaving me free to read the owner’s manual of our new van (new to us anyway), take in the scenery and relax.  Yes, this is a GOOD day.


The peace and quiet lasted all of 13 minutes – something of a record for our family. 

Little Charlie’s world fell apart and he sounded the alarm as only babies can when his squeeze toy and Sippy-cup both dropped to the floor. 

Quickly, we pulled off Alexis Park Drive and parked to soothe his ruffled feathers and reunite him with his comfort objets

With all hands back on deck, hatches battened and a fair wind at our backs, we were ready to resume our journey. 


Fate intervened however, imposing one more delay when we spotted an older woman on her sidewalk scooter in a bit of a predicament. 

It seems the basket had slipped off the front of her scooter and the coffee carafe in the basket had fallen to the sidewalk.  

I jumped out of the van and picked up the carafe which was leaking coffee from both ends. 

The carafe, the lady explained, belonged to the church – which one, I don’t know as there’s nothing but churches on that lower stretch of Alexis Park. 

“Not anymore, it doesn’t,” I suggested, broken glass rattling in the carafe as I poured out what remained of the coffee.


Next I looked to see why the basket had fallen off the scooter.  The retaining bracket on her scooter had bent somehow, so the basket wouldn’t clip in firmly enough. 

“Easy enough to fix,” I said and bent the bracket back by hand, clipped in the basket and told her she was good to go. 


“Hey, one more thing,” I said, “We’ve got a garbage bag in the van.  Why don’t you let us take that carafe and throw it away for you rather than have coffee drip on you?”

Now, that last gesture probably wasn’t necessary, and a coffee stain on our van carpet was my reward for the effort, but when I start on a Good Samaritan kick, I like to see it all the way through.

The largesse of my offer wasn’t lost on the lady either.  I could see she realized I was going above and beyond, and struggling to understand why.


“Why, thank you so very much,” she exclaimed, “Are you a Minister?”


“No ma’am,” I replied, smiling my biggest toothy grin, “I’m a REALTOR®.”



And can you believe it?  I didn’t have a business card!


I’ve got to get myself a super hero cape, with a big C21 on it!





I’ve included monthly sales statistics for the Vernon area on a chart and graph for those who like Excel spreadsheets.

Overall, 482 homes have sold from January to June 2010 compared to 452 homes sold in the same period in 2009.

97 Vernon homes sold in May, down from 133 homes in April.  June sales dipped even lower to 68. 

A significant change in June home sales is the number of homes that sold for over $500,000. 

A total of 20 homes – 29% of the June total - sold for over $500,000. 

While the overall number of homes sold monthly this year is in decline, the number and percentage of homes sold for over $500,000 may be on the rise.

It will be interesting to see whether July sales indicates this as a trend.

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