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In my 6 or so years as a parent, I’ve found my vocabulary has changed significantly.For instance, I use the words, silly, naughty and poop far more often than I would ever have thought possible in my pre-baby years.

 One word, however has crept into my everyday speech to a huge extent – Okay.

Sure, I use it with my kids as in, “Okay, you can have one more candy before breakfast,” or “Okay, you can pour your own milk but please don’t spill it like you did the last time.”

But the word has so ingrained itself into my speech that I can scarcely speak a full sentence without using it, as in:

“Okay, breakfast is ready,” or,  Okay, I asked you to be careful with that and now it’s broken,” or, “Okay, I’m going to start counting…” or

“Okay, that’s enough yelling.  Stop shaking your brother and put him down,” or

“Okay, why does it take so long to get to bed?  We’ve been getting ready for an hour now,” or

“Okay, that bullet got me right in the eye.  Put your guns away and get into bed by the time my sight returns.”

 One of my favourite rants:  “Okay, I’ve had it, okay?  I want you to stop fighting and screaming and settle down and get ready for bed, okay?

“Are you okay, Daddy?”

“Yes, I’m okay, okay?  I just want you to listen and do as I ask.  Okay?  Okay?”

“Okay Daddy,  Sheesh!”


 Sales figures for 2012 have caught up and passed 2011 levels so far and may start to match 2010 figures.  You may recall 2010 sales climbed promisingly in the spring, reaching a high in April, faltering in May and dwindling for the balance of the year.  A large part of that lackluster performance is blamed on new mortgage qualifying rules, introduction of the HST and increased concern over the state of the world’s economy.  This year, we will not (hopefully) see a repeat of any of those calamities and the market will progress as we predict – a slow but steady increase in sales for 2012.


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