Go Green - 10 Ways For Your Home

Go Green - 10 Ways For Your Home

Use Eco Friendly Candles
There are many stylish and fragrant eco-friendly candles available now, you can replace your burned-down ones with the clean-burning varieties, typically made from soy or beeswax. But try to salvage the old ones first; re-using is also good for the earth!

Use Solar Water Heater
Installing a solar water heater may be pricey, but the rebates and the long-term savings could make the solar switch worth it.

Do a Home Energy Audit
If you're wanting to save on your energy bill and decrease the impact your energy usage has on the planet, the first step may be to conduct your own

Incorporating houseplants in your home will not only add some fresh life to your décor, it will help purify the air from harmful chemicals.

If you already recycle, why not add a compost bin? You may be surprised at the trash you thought you couldn't recycle that is OK for composting.

Ensure Your Fridge Seals Properly
One way to check the energy efficiency in your home is to try this quick and easy dollar bill trick on your fridge.

Green Cleaning Products
Be conscientious about what products you are using and how they impact the environment when they go down the drain.

Replace Your Lawn With A Garden
Coming up with greener alternatives for your lawn, like replacing it with a garden, can make the space more productive and less water-hogging.

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