Clearing The Clutter

Before the snow starts falling it is nice to do one last clean sweep throughout the house – putting away all of the summer gear, as well as getting rid of items that you may not longer need. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you rid your home of clutter, and a few tricks to help make your home appear ‘clutter-free’.

  1. Start by taking two large garbage bags. For 15-20 continuous minutes make your way through every room in your home. [Use one bag for garbage – one bag for give-away]. Throw everything that you immediately feel no longer serves a purpose in your home in one bag, and broken or damaged items in the other bag.
  2. Once the 20 minutes is up, tie up the bags - taking one bag to your vehicle to drive to your nearest Saskatoon donation centre, and the other out to the dumpster.
  3. Come back to each room individually, taking a look at the items you have remaining. Do you use these items every day or just occasionally? How many of them are for decoration and how many for functional use? Keep the items that you use every day out in a spot that you have easy access to them. Put items that you occasionally use in a drawer or on a shelf or organizer.
  4. If you do not have proper storage, make a trip to pick up containers/boxes/storage shelves that can store items in a clean, attractive way.
  5. Clean up any wires, re-arrange furniture, limit your decoration items. Play with clearing up your space!

A clear, clutter-free home can help to lower your stress levels, and make the rest of your life easier by having your home be a space that is organized, clean and functional.

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