The Power of Wind - A Community Venture

Home buyers in the Saskatoon area are increasingly looking for ways to contribute to a more sustainable community. Well an innovative scheme currently under development will allow people to do just that. Saskatoon Community Wind is a concept which envisages building 10 large wind turbines on farmland 15 to 30 kilometres from Saskatoon. The project would be designed, built and owned by individuals from across Saskatoon and the surrounding area. The electricity it generates, enough to meet the needs of 6,800 Saskatoon households or 16,300 residents, would be transmitted back into the City and sold there.
Saskatoon Community Wind is currently negotiating with a buyer for its electricity and, once those negotiations are complete and a suitable site has been located, Saskatoon Community Wind will be looking for thousands of individual investors from the Saskatoon region. The project, because of its size, would not need any subsidies in order to be economically viable and plans to pay an attractive annual return to any investors.
Funds are not yet required and will only be sought in a year or so once a comprehensive financial prospectus has been prepared which answers any questions that potential investors might ask. Until then:  Saskatoon Community Wind is just that - a community venture. It will only happen with broad community backing. So if you would like to show your support or if you would just like more information, check out

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